Hockey Training EOTW #3 + Happy Canada Day!

Wooooo – happy Canada Day!  For those of you not from Canada, let me explain…

July 1st is Canada Day and it is a holiday in these parts.  The typical celebration for Canada Day is to head to your cottage, go camping, hit a patio, sit on a dock, go to the beach, pull up a chair on the front porch – – and have a beer or two, all while feeling very proud to be Canadian.

Paul and I change the flag that flies on the front of our house on Canada Day.  So for my fellow Canucks and those of you from abroad, I think there is no better way to give you a sense of Canada than showing you this beer commercial 🙂  Enjoy and then check out the Hockey Training Exercise Of The Week. 

Don’t forget that today is also the last day to get 4 months of training up front with the Hockey Workout Club and Goalie Workout Club

Hockey Training EOTW #3: For Quicker More Powerful Shot

The hockey training EOTW for this week is a Med Ball Rotary Pass Variation which adds an extra impulse to the traditional med ball rotary pass.  My goal for this exercise is to give the goalie or skater a chance to practice a quick, powerful release off a change of direction.  You cannot always just pull the puck back and fire it, sometimes (most of the time) you need to stick handle a little before letting it fly.

This drill lets you practice getting the puck away with speed and power.

Muscles Targeted:

Too many to mention – integrates stabilization and power production from the hips, torso and upper body


  • I cannot stress how important it is to move the hips and shoulders together, this is not a twisting exercise.
  • Stand sideways to a solid concrete block wall (do not do this against a dry-walled wall – you will go through the wall)
  • Bend the knees slightly, cradle the ball in your hands.
  • Use your ankles, knees and hips to generate power and then transfer that to your upper body through a stable torso
  • Let the ball float from your hands on release, do not ‘throw’ it at the wall.
  • On the return impulse, keep a very short arc of movement (only about 45-90 degrees) and remember to keep your hips and shoulders moving together

When? How Much?

This is a plyometric drill, so you will use it during your max strength and power phase.  Use it 1-2 times per week when training rotary power.  Perform 4-6 reps each way for 2-3 sets.  Remember to insert 2-3 minutes of active recovery between sets.

Happy training gang – Happy Canada Day!