Hockey Strength Training: 3 exercises for a stronger torso (and harder shot)

Hockey Strength Training: 3 exercises for a harder shot

If I hear the excuse “I don’t have a gym membership” one more time as a reason why a skater or goalie cannot do their off-ice training, I am going to scream and then run naked through the streets (okay, maybe just the scream part).

Although it may seem like a legitimate reason to them, it is clearly another in a long list of excuses, so without further adieu, here are three new hockey strength exercises that you can do using just a resistance band.

Use these stability and power exercises to build a strong, stable torso all while getting a harder shot and a quicker release…all from the comfort of your own home.

You can find resistance bands almost anywhere – I have even seen them at my local grocery store, but any sport store or sports equipment area of a department store will have them.

Do three sets of 8 reps for each exercise.  Get the technique down and then you can start to use a heavier grade resistance band.

Talk with you later in the week when I will share an off-ice workout that the back up goalie can do immediately after a game so you will be ready when you get your chance.  Don’t just sit on the bench as a spectator, get your workout on game day as well with the workout I put together for you.