Hockey Goalies: Spare your knees with these two exercises

Hockey Goalie Exercises For Better Knees

Don’t get me wrong on this; I am not saying ‘if you do these two exercises, you will never have a knee injury’.  I wish I could, but that would be a little naïve.  Especially when a lot of the bad knee injuries occur when another player falls on top of you and mashes your knee into some position that it was never meant to experience.

What I am giving you today are two exercises that will 1) help reduce the wear and tear and 2) improve the dynamic stability of the knee by improving your control at the hip, knee and ankle.

Both require absolutely no equipment, so you can add them to your routine starting today – even if you don’t have a routine yet, this is a great place to start, but be very picky, make sure you are doing them right.

Hockey Goalie Training: Get Better Knees


Single Leg Drop Squat – 5 each – hold for 3 seconds at the bottom once you are balanced.  Do every other day.

Supine Hip Internal Rotation – 10 each – hold for 3 seconds each.  Do 4-7 times per week.


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