Hockey Goalie Stretches: VH/RVH Flow

You have probably noticed it, a lot of you ask me about it and you are puzzled.

You say things like “how come you don’t give many stretches anymore?”


I probably give more stretches now than I every have, but you don’t recognize them because I have stopped thinking in terms of stretching muscles and instead I think about improving MOBILITY PATTERNS.

It is funny because this is how I have been running my strength training programs for years (like 15+), but I confess that I was somewhat stuck in my old ways of thinking, in traditional thinking like my peers when it came to your movement.

I have spent hours rolling around in the backyard, working on patterns and flows that won’t just do more harm than good, like trying to force yourself into the splits. Thank goodness we built that new fence so now the neighbours don’t just stare and laugh.

Here is one for those of you who use the RVH and would like to feel a little better in that position.

I don’t think this position will ever feel GOOD for most of you, but this should help you be stronger in the RVH and have more control.