Hockey Goalie | Post To Post Speed

Hockey Goalie | Post To Post Speed is how you earn the right to play with more patience and hold your edges longer. Hockey players know to pass the puck across the ‘royal road’, so as a goaltender, you need the lateral speed to compete.

These are goalie specific exercises you can add to your current off-ice training program.

– Lunge Lateral To Balance 3x 6ea (11X2)

– Superband Resisted Hip Shift Lateral – 3x 6ea (2111)

– Knee Down Superband BU Squat Lateral – 3x6ea (2111)

– Alternate Ecc Lunge Lateral – 3x4ea (steady) BONUS PROGRESSION

– Lateral Lunge To Lateral Hop – 3x4ea (expl)

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