Use these strategies to reduce your risk of groin injury.

The hockey off-season is not only a key time for goalies to build strength and speed, it is also the best time to work on your injury reduction strategies.  Notice I call them ‘injury reduction’ strategies and not injury prevention.  The fact is that not all injuries can be prevented, but we can do a lot to reduce the risk of getting one.  Today’s video will focus on strategies to help hockey goalies reduce their risk of groin injury.

Strategies to reduce the risk (video)

Sets & Reps

Do 1-2 sets of the following.  Add these to your workout twice per week.

  • 1/2 Kneeling Lateral Push x 8-12 each side
  • Kneeling Groin Stretch x 60 seconds
  • Elevated Hip External Rotation Stretch x 30s each
  • Elevated Hip Internal Rotation Stretch x 30s
  • Bungee Hip Adduction & Flexion x 8-12 each
  • Wide Out Hops x 6-8
  • Single Leg Squat & Hold x 30s each

Happy training gang!