Sore back solution for hockey players.

Well, we had snow again this morning in my beloved London, Ontario – but it does look like the sun is peaking out now so maybe we will get some spring like weather this weekend!  With this weather it is hard to believe that my off-season hockey programs at the Revolution Studio are starting in only ten days!  We always start the off-season program by building a strong foundation and one of the key components of that is addressing some of the aches and pains from the season.

It seems like most players will tell me that as the season goes on their lower back gets feeling tired or achy by the third period of a game.  Some of the players I work with will not be getting back to London until the first or second week of May so I created this video for a couple of them to help improve some of the areas that could be contributing to that soreness and fatigue.  Let me be clear – this program is not intended to treat a back injury, so if you have back pain, don’t try this program before you get evaluated by a good sport physiotherapist who can get at the root cause of your pain.

If you occasionally get a little stiff and sore in the lower back toward the end of the game, but it resolves quickly once the game is over and you are out of your skating posture – then you may wish to try some of these exercises.