Q&A: Hockey Goalie Injuries

Hi Gang,

Comin’ at ya with the Q&A for December – had a lot of questions about hockey goalie injuries over the last few weeks.  Here are the topics I am covering in this video:

  1. Knee pain below the knee cap with splits on the ice, split squats off the ice and groin stretches (1:45 into the video).
  2. Glute pain after a hard fall on the ice – if you have fallen hard on your butt in the last 3-months, you should really watch this part of the video (3:30 into the video).
  3. Trouble closing the 5-hole in a butterfly (7:10 into the video). I refer to this screen that anyone can do in my response – screen for hip impingement in hockey goalies

If you are not interested at all in any of those topics, then at least watch the first 90 seconds of the video to hear about a hilarious email that I got on Monday – the guy wanted me to take a cold shower – hmmmmmmmm.


PS – keep an eye out for a contest that I am running in the next few days.  Three of you will have a chance to win a FREE copy of a training program.  Details to follow.