Keeners – help banish muscle imbalances.

Hey Gang,

I know you all appreciate by now how muscle imbalances contribute to injuries.  Notice I did not say they ‘may’ contribute to injuries – they do PERIOD.  My friend Rick Kaselj is discounting his new Muscle Imbalances Revealed product by 47% this week.  I have a copy and I think it is a great addition to your toolbox if you are a trainer who works with any type of athlete.  If you are one of those goalies who wants to know everything about muscle imbalances and how they contribute to injuries in depth, then you may also want to check it out.

Rick has done a great job on this program – actually not even sure why he would discount it by that much but I am sure he has his reasons.  So there you go, thought I would pass this savings along to you if you are interested.  Click on the image below if you want to learn more…