Incredible Resource for Hockey Trainers and Coaches – Now Live!

Hi Gang,

Hope you are all having a great day!  I am back to loving life after a gloves off, jersey over the head battle with the stomach flu for the last two days.  I made it out alive, but the flu bug did get in some good jabs – WOW!!  I might even eat some solid food tonight!  Anyway, enough of my whining…

I am super pumped to introduce you to a new online hockey training resource that you should check out.  It was created by hockey strength coaches for hockey strength coaches.  And when I say it was created by hockey strength coaches I am talking about the very best – one of my mentors Mike Boyle and strength coach to the Stanley Cup champion Anaheim Ducks – Sean Skahan have teamed up with Mike Potenza (San Jose Sharks) and Kevin Neeld (Endeavor Hockey) to assemble what they call “The Greatest Collection of Hockey Strength and Conditioning Coaches on the Planet!”  Somehow I got invited to join this list – must have me confused with someone else, but don’t tell!

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Here are my fellow hockey strength coaches who are contributing to the site – it is a Who’s Who of Hockey Strength and Conditioning including Chris Pietrzak-Wegner (Minnesota Wild), Chuck Lobe (Tampa Bay Lightning), Jim Reeves (Mind to Muscle), Brijesh Patel (Quinnipiac), Cal Dietz (Univ. of Minnesota), Chris Boyko (UMass), Tim Yuhas (Yuhas Performance), Matt Nichol (former Toronto Maple Leafs), Kim McCullough (Total Female Hockey) and of course, me!

What an awesome resource!  I wish there was something like this when I started training hockey players.  There are a ton of articles on the site already with topics ranging from Strength and Conditioning, Programming, Youth Training, Injuries, Female Training and Coaching.   There are webinars, audio interviews and videos up as well, all about hockey!

Each week, they will be adding videos, articles and programs to the library and with this group, you know the Coaches Forum will be jumping.  Each month, there will be webinars and audio interviews added as well.

Right now until March 31, they have an incredible offer: Only 1 dollar for 30 days, then $9.95 a month after that.  I don’t know how long the $9.95 a month is going to last, so you should jump on this opportunity.   It’s only a buck, and you have until March 31.  So check it out – I think you will love it. 

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If you sign up by clicking on one of my links above I will get paid a comission – which is fair since I am providing my training tips.  If you want to sign up, but would prefer that I do not earn a commission, then just go directly to the site at  – you will pay exactly the same price, but I will not see one penny of it – no problem!

And don’t worry, I will still be publishing my off ice hockey training tips for goalies and skaters here for free, but if you are a strength coach who works with hockey players or who wants to work with hockey players, then why not learn from a complete team of the best?