Grainy video from Vegas & multiplanar flexibility

Okay, so this is going to be a super short post today.  Somehow it takes about a week to catch up from missing one day in the gym last week – not sure how that works exactly, but it is what it is.  Anyway, when I was in Vegas I was talking to my friend Rick Kaselj of and we were talking about groins….well, you know what I mean, we were talking about groin injuries in hockey players.  Anyway we were talking about how so many players use uniplanar stretching techniques when what they really need is multiplanar stretching.

So we made a little video where Rick goes over the difference between uniplanar and multiplanar stretching….until my iPhone ran out of memory (must be all the retro hits of the 80’s I have on there taking up all the memory – hmmmmmm)….sorry Rick.  Check out the grainy film and learn a little more about proper flexibility training.  In the video below the grainy Vegas video I give you a few other techniques for multiplanar stretching.  Enjoy.