Am I injured or just sore? Part Two

How can I tell what I have?  Am I injured or just sore?  Here are some telltale signs that you have an injury that requires at very least some rest or an evaluation by a qualified and experienced sport physio.

  • You have sharp pain in a joint.  Aches in your joints may just be wear and tear, especially if you are a little more mature shall we say, but sharp pain is never good.
  • Does your pain make it difficult for you to do your daily tasks without modification?  For example does your sore shoulder prevent you from shampooing your hair with that arm?  Are you walking with a limp because of your hip pain?
  • Do you see bruising but you cannot recall any blunt trauma that would cause a contusion?  In serious muscle strains the bleeding from the muscle will slowly work its way to the surface resulting in bruising which may occur away from the your sight of primary pain.  Gravity will carry the blood downward.

Your golden rule:  If you have muscle or joint pain that is getting worse or not getting better over time (3-7 days) then you should get it checked out.  As a hockey player you are accustomed to getting bumps and bruises, that is part of the game.  But if you have even a small injury that causes you to modify your skating, shooting or hitting then you may be laying the groundwork for a bigger injury down the road.  Get it checked out.