A bulletproof vest for your legs.

When I dropped in to Pete’s Sports in London, Ontario to talk with my friend Chris – remember we talked about training shoes in this post – I also asked him about guys getting cut with skate blades.  Seems like there have been a few more incidences lately.

So Chris gave me a tour of some gear that will virtually eliminate these injuries in the lower leg – kevlar socks and tights.

He explained that the tights are a great option for players who like to go barefoot in their skates or wear a specific sock.  They can still get the protection without having to change their footwear.

If you cannot see the video in the viewer above, just click here…

These accidents happen so fast, in my opinion it is well worth the small investment to protect yourself.

Do you wear a kevlar sock or tights?  What have your experiences been?  Leave a comment below.