Hip exercises for hockey (they also stop your back ache)

Okay before I get to the topic at hand today which is hip exercises for hockey players – if you ever get a sore back then you should check these out for sure, I will explain more in a second, but first let me tell you a story from the Revolution Gym… so my young ‘grasshopper’ (reference from the TV show Kung-Fu for the older crowd) Coach Tyler just got on Twitter yesterday.

I have been on for a few years and I have over 300 followers – not great, but not bad.  So Tyler is depressed today because he only has 19 followers – I told him to face it, he is just not as popular as I am, but he is still disheartened.  He even parked in my parking spot today just as a little dig 🙂

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Okay enough of that – here are those hip exercises for hockey players that I promised.

Hip Exercises for Hockey (and help stop your back aching)

You may think it is funny that doing hip exercises will stop your back from aching, but you see, the source of pain is very rarely the source of the problem.  So when you get a sore lower back when you are playing and skating, it could be because you are not extending efficiently through your hip for a nice long stride and instead you are extending your lower back.

So instead of  using the hip joint you are hinging at the lower back – watch the guys on your team skating around and watch for the ones who look like they have a big bubble butt – chances are they are not channeling their inner Kardashian, but they are extending at their spine because they are too tight in the front of the hip.

So add these three exercises to your off-ice training and reduce the load on your hips and back…

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