Help me help you! Win a free training program!

Hi Gang,

I need your help!  I am just about to start working on my next online product to help hockey players with their off ice training.  I have a concept and an outline all set, but I want to check with you to make sure that I am going to deliver the info you want.  So, here is the deal, would you please either email me – – or post a comment below telling me your approximate age, your position and the type of information that would be the most helpful to you.  For example –

  • I am 37 years old and I coach a team of 13 year olds – I would love some off-ice routines that I could put them through to improve their performance and reduce their risk of injury.  We have limited equipment.
  • I am a 16 year old goalie and would like a specific program for in-season training that I can do at home in only 30-minutes per day.
  • I am in my late 20’s and I am looking for a goalie specific program using only body weight exercises.

I hope you get the idea – be as specific as you can so I know if I am on the right track.  In exchange for your help I will enter everyone’s name into a draw and at noon ET on Friday I will draw one name at random.  If you are selected as the winner, then I will give you your pick of my off-ice hockey training programs at no charge.  You can pick from the HockeyStrong Training System for skaters, the Ultimate Goalie Training System for goalies or the Ultimate 12-Minute Warm-Up for Goalies.  Remember I need to have your suggestion by noon ET this Friday, July 16th.

Thanks again for your help.


PS – sorry for  the multiple emails this week – but, tomorrow look for a proper off-ice training post showing you 3-ways to improve your hip function and just maybe reduce your back pain.