He Works Out Every Day But Doesn’t Get Stronger…

I rolled a few different questions into this article – but basically it is from the skater or goalie who works out like a fiend, but doesn’t really get stronger and doesn’t really get noticeably stronger or faster on the ice.

Talk about frustrating.

Luckily, usually this player actually loves working out, so that is a huge part of their motivation, they just love being in the gym.

As much as it is part of their motivation, it is also part of the reason they are not seeing results.

Here’s an example
– I was talking with one of the Turning Pro goalies a few weeks ago during our coaching call to set up his last in-season phase before play-offs.

He let me know that the workouts almost seemed too easy.

Like many of you, he loves being in the gym and coming out dripping in sweat.

So then I asked how he felt on the ice.

How’s your speed? Awesome!

And your mobility? Really great!

How about your stamina?
No issues there!

Do you come off the ice dripping in sweat after practice? For sure!

So this falls under the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rule. This player is healthy, fast, mobile and is not limited by stamina – he doesn’t need more right now.

Then I had a conversation with a skater who was feeling pretty frustrated because he worked out pretty much every day PLUS he had 3 practices per week and two games.

Every time he was in the gym he came out drenched in sweat – so he couldn’t understand why he wasn’t really getting much stronger in the gym (like his squat had only gone up 15lbs in the last 2-months and his bench had only increased 10lbs in the same time) and it certainly wasn’t translating into more ice time with his team.

Then he hit me with the kicker… “I have read a lot of articles on the internet, so I know I am just supposed to be doing higher reps because play-offs are coming up.”

Okay – here is the BIG problem, lifting a relatively light weight for 12-15 reps will not make you stronger or faster (at least not what you are looking for).

A weight that you can lift for 12-15 reps will not let you tap into your powerful fast twitch muscles – it will improve the strength and stamina of your slow twitch fibres, but those aren’t the ones that you rely on when you need that explosive burst of speed.

For that you need to lift heavy loads for fewer reps, I use 2-6 reps for compound big-muscle exercises during the season.

Get your stamina training on the ice – get your strength and power in the gym.

The player was working hard and not seeing results because he was working hard on the wrong thing. He was not following a proven hockey training system, but now he knows better and by doing less volume and working on the right things, he will still be able to help his team make a run during play-offs!

Happy training!

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