He ignored his Goalie Coach…

Not something that I would typically recommend.

It sounds bad, because he pays his coach a lot of money for on-ice training and has improved his performance dramatically since starting with him, so why would he ignore what the coach told him?

Because it didn’t make sense, that’s why.

It was after a particularly gruelling on-ice session with loads of drills working on his recovery from the butterfly to a series of quick, powerful movements before making a save on a shot.

He was gassed…and then the coach hit him with it…

You need more endurance, you either need to start running 3-4 miles every day OR buy this workout program (I won’t tell you which one, but if I named it, you would recognize it for sure).

He then went on to tell him about how when he played Jr hockey, he would run every day first thing in the morning and it really helped his endurance.

He also explained how he was personally half way through the other workout program he had mentioned and that it was so hard, but he was getting so much stronger and thought that his abs were getting way stronger.  He felt great.

Not A Fan…

The goalie was not a fan of running, because it felt awful, so he borrowed a few of the DVDs for the other program from his coach to try.  It was hard – really hard.

At the end of the workout he was tired, but also confused because what he was doing in the workout did not really seem to reflect the type of things he needed when he was on the ice.

Since he was a member of Team GoalieTrainingPro (TeamGTP for short), he sent me a quick email to check before he continued down the path.

Glad he did and here is why…

Your coach is always trying to do what is best for you.  They really did do those things and they REALLY did feel they worked well.  But they just don’t have all the information.

Like most things there is good, better, best.

If the alternative to running 3-4 miles every day is doing nothing at all, then yes, that is good.

For your goalie coach, doing the home workout program is MUCH better than becoming an out of shape coach with a beer belly who cannot move around on the ice at all – – MUCH better!

But you need the best.

You are not playing the same type of hockey your coach did 20 years ago, the training he or she did is essentially obsolete.

  • distance running for cardio
  • doing 15-20 squat jumps for your legs
  • crunches or Russian twists for core training

There may be some exercises that stand the test of time, but over time we find a better way.  You don’t wear the same goalie gear your coach used 20 years ago (5-years ago), so why do the same training?

And the program that they love as a 30-50 year old goalie coach, is very different from what you NEED as a competitive goalie who is still trying to reach your potential.

Finally, your goalie coach is an expert when it comes to on the ice training, drills and strategy, but not when it comes to off-ice training.  If you had to have heart surgery, you would want a heart surgeon, not a dentist right? Not even an orthopaedic surgeon!  You want a HEART surgeon.  You want a specialist. 

Show the same care for your career when it comes to your training.

Here is my point – – always ask yourself, does this make sense?
How is this helping me become a better goalie?

And to make sure you know what WILL help you make more saves in the days and weeks to come, here are the three must-do in-season goalie exercises – make sure these three are in your program >>

If you cannot see the video, just click this link… https://youtu.be/7r_4E8E4HCc


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