Happy Birthday Canada!

 Today is actually one of my favourite holidays – Canada Day – the day we celebrate the birth of our country.  We typically do this by going to the beach or sitting in the backyard grilling various types of meat and drinking beer from a can.  Paulie and I decided to celebrate the weekend by tearing the heck out of our front porch.

Eight hours later we sat on that porch and…you guessed it, drank a beer out of a can.  It was glorious.  If you want to learn a little more about Canada then check out the video below.

Before checking out for the day I want to wish my American neighbours to the south a happy 4th of July later this week – hope you have a great one.  Also if you have not checked out the blog in a while you may have missed these last two posts – Advanced Bottoms Up Training for the Knee & Hip and the Off-Ice Goalie Circuit You Can Do At Home – Enjoy!