Good vs. Evil. Should We Eat Grains?


Aren’t we supposed to eat more whole grains?

Is Gluten bad for you?

Won’t I get a ‘Wheat Belly’.

But won’t grains damage your intestine?

Do you know the answer to these questions? And I mean know the answer, not have an opinion on them. Everyone has one of those 🙂

Our friends over at Precision Nutrition have a look at the actual research to help clear the very muddy waters for us.

So if you …

  • Are thinking of eliminating gluten from your diet
  • Don’t know what FODMAPs are
  • Not sure if eliminating whole grains will help you lose body fat
  • Wondering whether you need a lower or moderate carb diet

…then give it a read. I especially like the part starting with “But refined grains are a different story”

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