Good Or Gimmick – Hockey Training with the TRX

Today I am starting a new regular feature called “Good or Gimmick”.  This is where I will discuss some of the training tools that you are seeing pop up in your local fitness club or on TV.  I will try to weed through the hype and let you know if the tool is good for your hockey training or just another gimmick.

So to kick it off, today we are talking about the TRX suspension training system.  I will tell you straight up – it is GOOD.  If I were reviewing a movie, I would give it five stars (that’s like Harry Potter good:))

Check out the video below for 5 exercises any hockey player (skater or goalie) can do to improve their strength and stability on the ice including:

  • Squat lateral
  • Push Up + Reach
  • The Pry
  • Alternate Bicycle
  • Horizontal Row

Hockey Training with the TRX

Now the TRX is not cheap – I think they run $170-200, but I will tell you that I just replaced the original ones I had in the Revolution Gym last year (so those originals gave me about 5 years of service in the studio), not because they were getting worn out, but just because I thought it was time.  Better to be safe than sorry.  So the durability factor is right up there.

See you later this week – I am going to have a little chat about concussion.  Until then, have a great week!