Goalies today are in trouble…

Remember when getting your ‘bell rung’ was just part of the game?  Now we realize that it is actually brain trauma and what’s worse it is cumulative, so the effects can compound with repeated exposure.

That is frightening isn’t it?

I hate to spread doom and gloom – and that is not what I am trying to do, but I have to let you know that the wear and tear on your hips from the demands of your position is also cumulative and you cannot just ignore it.

It is a natural evolution of the sport, the demands have increased, the speed has increased, the degree of athleticism has increased.  Back in the day football quarterbacks didn’t have to worry about getting tacked by a 320lbs lineman who could move… now they do.  Talk about wear and tear!  They have had to adapt and so do you.

Evolution of your preparation

Do you know of any MLB pitcher or NFL Quarterback who doesn’t work on maximizing the longevity of their career by managing their shoulder health?

No, you don’t, because there isn’t one. Most of these athletes learn the importance of managing their bread and butter joints by college at the latest.

You should do the same, because it is worse for you.  You are moving in multiple planes of motion through your hips AND you are repeatedly dropping with your full body weight down into extreme ranges of motion, again in multiple planes, not regular wear and tear.

What I am saying is you need to be even more obsessive about maintaining and improving your hip health than even an MLB pitcher or NFL Quarterback obsesses over their shoulder health.

So here is your simple checklist – – do all of these exercises currently have a place in your prehab routine? 

Standing Hip Circles with Ball Behind Knee – – 4 each way
Quadruped Hip Distraction x 60s each
SB Hip IR x 10 – hold 5s each
LAX ball on Hip Flexor x 30s each
Oblique Hip Flexor x 30s each

Notice how getting into a full splits is not a priority for hip longevity?  In fact, it is one of the exercises that can add wear and tear to the joint.  Yes, we will still work on getting there, but in a way that minimizes the impact on your hips.

Start with these and we can go from there.

Have a beauty day,