For goalies who don’t like veggies…

Maybe you are one or maybe you own one, but I know there is a percentage of you that just plain old don’t like veggies.  I had to force one of you at the Turning Pro camp to take some salad on your plate and you did and you ate it – YEAH!

But you didn’t like it.

What we do and do not like to eat is based on our genetics. It’s not that you just decided… I know veggies are good for me, but I am going to hate them.

When you eat broccoli, instead of tasting garden fresh yum… you taste YUCK!

I just finished eating my lunch here in south Florida after the training sessions for the Hockey Summit wrapped up for the day and I had ½ red pepper, 6 (or so – I don’t count my food) spears of broccoli, 2tbsp of hummus (or so – I don’t measure my food) and when I was eating it I was thinking… Yum, yum, yum… yummy, yummy veggies! 

Would I rather have fish and chips??? Maybe 🙂, but the veggies actually tasted good to me.

And I didn’t always feel that way.  I always ate veggies, but it used to be more because I knew they were good for me… now I actually love them.

So how can you learn to love them – – and improve your performance and decrease your risk of dying before your time?

I have turned to my fellow Western Mustang, Dr. John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition ( for the answer as usual.  And as usual, I found it.

James Heathers and Jennifer Nickle wrote a great article about why you hate them – – yes, your DNA is to blame in part, but more importantly , how you can actually learn to like them.

They provide 3 simple steps to help you learn to love veggies (in a nice info graphic form too). 

They help you find veggies you might like better than others and tell you exactly how to prepare them to be most pleasing to your palate.

I don’t want to cut and paste the whole article, I don’t think that is fair to John and his team at PN, but I do what to share this great info, so you can get it all HERE

And don’t worry this is not an affiliate link, I am not trying to get you to buy a product so I can earn $2 commission.  You do not have to give your email address, credit card number or first born (just making sure you are still paying attention) to access the article. 

Now if you get rooting around the site and click on something and enter your email address and whatever, that is on you.  To get the great article I am sending you too – – there is no need at all. 

Bon appetite mon ami