Goalie Training EOTW: More Balance = More Agility

I have a very simple, yet challenging goalie training EOTW for you today – what it does in addition to developing hip stability in goalies, it helps you have a strong platform for your butterfly crawl.  Fun stuff!

How the weekend is going so far – had a wicked XC ski yesterday – broke a new world record for glide – not bad eh?  You see, there is this hill where we tuck down and see how far we can get – if you make it to the fence posts then you have good glide.  Well, not bragging or anything but – I glided about 100m PAST the fence posts.  So you never know when it is going to be your day.

To top it off we got to see Blue Rodeo last night down at the Bud Garden.  What a day – world record AND Blue Rodeo – WOW!

EOTW: Single Knee Balance

I have used this effectively with goalies who have trouble doing lateral crease movements with the knee down.  It is so simple and I have

Any excuse to wear cowboy boots - Blue Rodeo

Any excuse to wear cowboy boots – Blue Rodeo

never had it not work (sorry to my English teachers for the double negative there :)).

Why it works…

It works because it takes your ankle and knee out of the equation – you cannot rely on them for the stability – just like when you are knee down.  Your hip has to be responsible for this on its own and this drill teaches it what it needs to know.

If you cannot see the video in the player above, simply click on the link below…

Key points…

  • Stay tall – do not get hunched over.
  • Use your arms in the beginning, but then your goal is to not use your arms for balance at all.
  • Keep your hips and shoulders level – do not lean away from the leg you are lifting.

How much? How often?

You can do this drill daily, but keep the volume fairly low to encourage proper stabilization rather than compensation.  Start with just 45- seconds on each side.  Build up to 60 seconds on each side.

Happy training!


PS – some of you have been asking and thank you for the good wishes – Scott & Tessa start the defense of their Olympic Gold in Ice Dance today – I think they will be in the flight that is warming up around noon ET  – so do me a favour and send your positive vibes out to them.  If you have never seen them skate – watch today (or tomorrow in the Free Dance).  Even if you think it is stupid, I guarantee it will leave you breathless.  All the best!

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