Goalie STAMINA: Monster Box Drill

If I had really been on the ball, I guess I should have posted this one last month at Hallowe’en! Oh well, maybe you can use it now to work off some of that extra candy you put down the hatch the last few weeks… unless of course you are like my brother who used to hoard his candy and not eat any of it until I had smashed through all the good stuff from my collection (all that was left were those light brown taffy “Kisses” – you know what I mean, they come in the black and orange wrapper??? Ugh – yuck), then he would wheel out with his bag of KitKats, Chicklets and Mars bars.

Yeah, every family has one – am I right?

Anyway, I want you to add this to your off-ice training if you aren’t getting as much ice time as you need.

If you are on the ice 3 times per week or fewer, I would add this into your weekly schedule. And I know it sucks if you are at the games, but you are sitting on the bench and the best way to get into those games is to be ready when you get the chance. Your stamina doesn’t get any better when you are sitting on the bench for an entire game, so this is a good quick workout you can do when you get home from that game or the next day.

You can probably do this in your basement – if you don’t have space to re-create the “box”, then just go back and forth, that will work too.



And if you don’t have 15m – then go back and forth over 5 metres three times (3×5 = 15m – get it). Look for ways to make it work rather than “reasons” (READ: excuses) for why you can’t do it.

So that is:

Duck Walk
10 Speed Push Ups
Low Walk Lateral
6 Squat Jumps
Reverse Lunge Walk
10 Speed Push Ups
Low Walk Lateral – getting the other direction
6 Squat Jumps
… then 3-minute rest. Repeat 4 times.

Enjoy – – happy belated Hallowe’en 😉

PS – if you are one of those people who hoards their candy… I hope when you pull it out next week that the chocolate has that white haze on it that it gets when it is stale… YEAH… as a matter of fact, I am going to be like that. #scarredforlife #byecandyhoarder