Goalie Puckhandling for 3-on-3

A look to the future of goaltending with Don Cherry…

Don had a ton of gems on Saturday night’s Coaches’ Corner. I talked about Joel Ward the other day – what a motivational story. He also talked about the future of goaltending.

He was talking about the 3-on-3 overtime and he said it would be filtering down to all the leagues. He made a good point about goalies freezing the puck during 3-on-3 and what a bad idea it could be since that would lead to a face off in your zone.

He showed some great highlights of the goalies making a nice first pass and even shuffling it to a player along the ice with their glove. The goalie was almost starting the play like a good defenseman.

So I thought that was a good tip from old Grapes. You know how some goalies are just known as poor puck handlers? Maybe you are one of them?

It used to be that your team could bail you out, they would fetch the puck from behind the net and look after most of that business, but with the new 3-on-3 it is tougher to hide that weakness.

So – not the best at puck handling? Can you think of any possible way to become a good puck handler?

Maybe take control of your development and start practicing for 15-minutes a day in the basement or on the driveway? Let’s say you take one day off from your practice, that still gives you 90-minutes per week of practice. Do you think you would be dramatically better after just the first month? Yeah, me too.

And don’t just mindlessly handle the puck or ball back and forth. Create scenarios in your mind – who’s rushing toward you? Where are your open skaters? Have a target and make a clean pass.

Practice from your feet, from your knees, from a VH position; mix it up.Justin Fazio

This glimpse into the future from Don gave me another idea of what’s coming to your league via the NHL and this one will dramatically magnify the truly skilled goalie from the serial blocker. But right now I’ve gotta jet, so I will catch up with you later in the week and tell you all about that (and what you need to do starting now)

Happy Training


PS – gonna try surfing for only the second time in my life later this week – any advice?

The off-ice program for busy goalies who don't have much time to train.

The off-ice program for busy goalies who don’t have much time to train.