Goalie Greatness From The Ground Up With Dallas Starts Goalie Coach

Hitting you today with the third of four “2-minutes with…” videos from the Network Goaltending Symposium.  We already heard from NJ Devils Goaltending Coach Chris Terreri and Hockey Canada’s Fred Brathwaite; today we have Mike Valley of the Dallas Stars.

Mike gave some great presentations during the symposium, but the one where he talked about how goalies need to get very well acquainted with their edges stood out the most to me.  He showed us great video of how he works on that on the ice and how it really highlights the skill and athleticism some goalies have compared to others.

So listen in on what he has to say about skating and why you should be falling down in practice.

If you cannot see the video above, just click the link below…

So get ready to take a tumble from time to time – get out of your comfort zone and become one of the best skaters on the ice.


PS – when I used to train Montreal Canadiens goaltender Jeff Hackett, he did our on ice speed and stamina sessions with his training partner who was a forward – he wore his goalie skates and did all the same drills as the forward – this guy was a GREAT skater!  Here are the types of drills we used to do on the ice.