Goalie Gear Talk with Peter Martin

I get to hang out with Peter Martin from Pro Skate Goalie in Calgary, Alberta each summer at the day with Carey Price and Eli Wilson and I always have so many questions for him.  Do you ever notice how someone who takes their job seriously almost always answers your initial questions with a question?  Well that is what the great minds in goalie gear do too.

When I talk with Peter Martin or Wack from Pure Goalie, they always look for more information, because the answer depends on the individual and by asking questions they can dial down their advice and get it closer to what you actually need.

So let’s dive in – you can listen in on our conversation about:

  • the different brands – what is the difference?
  • paddle length
  • picking the right helmet and how it should fit
  • toe ties vs bungees

Great stuff eh – the guy is a fountain of info, make sure you give him a follow on social media if you like goalie gear @ProSkateGoal


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