Goalie Gear Geeks !- – this one is for you

Probably the biggest lesson I learned from my thesis supervisor and mentor Dr. Peter Fowler (yeah, the guy who did Yzerman’s knee re-alignment that let him win one more Cup) was that it is okay to not know everything about everything.

It is fine to specialize in one area, but know little about another related topic.

Here is where my knowledge of goalie gear comes in.  My goalie gear fits so bad that it is a 50:50 toss up whether I will be able to get my jersey on since I can hardly move my arms in my chest protector.

Yet, I get quite a few questions about how goalie gear should fit.

So today I have done what Dr. Fowler would do – – referred out to someone who specializes in THAT area.

Here’s where Passau’s Tim McCarthy enters the picture.

On Monday we hopped on the phone to chat goalie gear.  We covered…

  • What’s most important when selecting new goalie gear – weight, fit, protection
  • Should goalies (no one in particular ;)) be so restricted by their chesty that they can’t put on their own jersey?
  • Common errors goalies make when adjusting their chest protector and pads
  • Will their knee pads slide down and let you smash your knee repeatedly
  • Getting the correct pad density for your level of play.

Listen in on our conversation so you can get your gear adjusted a little better or, at very least, rest assured that you aren’t missing anything.

 >> LISTEN IN HERE (you can also download it if you wish) <<

That’s it! Have an awesome day!


PS – I just met Tim through a Facebook connection, Passau did not pay me to conduct this interview, I just figured it would be good to get some gear advice from someone who knows.  Let me know if you would like more articles and info on gear and I will try to track down some other sources.  Just leave a comment.

The off-ice program for busy goalies who don't have much time to train.

The off-ice program for busy goalies who don’t have much time to train.