Goalie Drill Opposite Scarecrow

I got to assess a ton of goalies this summer as I travelled all over Canada and the US working at goalie camps and training camps.  When you get to look at 100’s of goalies moving through specific patterns, you start to see common dysfunctions.

This is one you won’t notice – until now maybe.

The way you hold your stick/blocker (shoulder internally rotated, extended and adducted) and your glove (shoulder externally rotated, flexed and abducted) puts a twist through your upper body and specifically through your upper back.

Now that you think about it, it makes sense doesn’t it?  But you never really thought of it before did you?

It might seem like a small thing that doesn’t really bother you, but it bothers your biomechanics, it bothers your thoracic spine, it bothers your neck and it can bother your shoulders, so here is a simple exercise you can add to your mobility training that will help counteract this dysfunctional pattern.

And “Yes” you only do it opposite your regular stance.  You are trying to counteract the dysfunction, not reinforce it.