Goalie Career Paths, Understanding Supersets & Training with Your Kid – Goalie Training Q&A – 01.18.2024

Goalie Training Pro Q&A

Join Maria Mountain in this weekly live Q&A to learn more about specific off-ice goalie training exercises & how to understand sets, reps & supersets.  Learn about the different career paths a goalie can take, as well as having fun doing the NextGen Goalie Academy with the young goalie in your life.  She also answers the mystery of whether Organic Dark Swiss Chocolate can improve your goalie performance!

1:30  NextGen Goalie Academy – Understanding sets & reps for exercises

2:30   How to understand Quadruped Superman exercise & balance related to the feet.

3:39    Understanding Glute Bridge March

5:00  Having fun doing off-ice goalie training with your young goalies in the NextGen Goalie Academy

6:30 Does Swiss chocolate improve your game?

8:30  Professional athletes that Maria have trained and their career path.

10:35  Upper body training for goalies.

13:30  Neutral pelvis as a standard for default pattern.

14:05  Cheat meals & eating clean

15:45  Ankles, boot fit & assessing soreness.

17:05  Understanding Supersets and individualized goals.


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Thanks for tuning in this week.  Join Maria live every Thursday at 11am EST on Facebook or Instagram.