Go grab a pen…

Well, here we are at the start of another new year.  I feel it already – getting sucked back into the hustle and bustle of my ‘normal’ routine without getting the time to reflect, evaluate and plan for the next 1, 3, 6, and 12-months.  That is a thought that I hate, so I have booked out Wednesday morning at the gym so I can take a little time to focus on what is important.

As I look back on my goals from last year I see some huge successes – I hit 4 out of 5 business goals, but I see that my batting average for my personal goals (fitness, travel, etc.) fell below .500 which disappoints me and suggests that I need to prioritize a little better.

I will once again share my goals with you later this week – check back on Thursday for that.

Right now I want to get you started.  So the first step is to download your worksheets.  These are based on the ones I get with my Mastermind Group.  In case you forgot, this is the group I joined two years ago when I decided to finally stop making up reasons (excuses) why I could not build a successful online business catering to hockey players.

This is when I decided to put my money where my mouth is (and lots of it – like 5-figures per year) – figuratively of course and stop ‘dabbling’ in my life and start working hard on the right things.  I decided to go pro!

It has made a huge impact on my life, my business and my satisfaction.  It has also had a huge impact on the quality you find at HockeyTrainingPro.com because I am paying for the privilege to learn from the best in the business and that goes for my two coaches Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne as well as my teammates from the Mastermind group.  When you surround yourself with excellence and take action, excellent things start to happen.

In fact in 10-days I will be hopping on a plane to Miami, FL for our next Mastermind Meeting – I have never been there, so if you have any tips for me, let me know.  You don’t need to bother telling me about the hottest night clubs though because as you know, I will be heading to bed by around 9pm every night, so that advice is wasted on me 🙂

Anyway, at this next meeting I will have to stand up and tell the group what I have accomplished since our last meeting in September.  They will either tell me I am on the right track, or give me heck for failing to take action on the right things.  I think I am in pretty good shape for this meeting.

Then I will map out exactly where I will go between now and the next meeting, share my biggest challenges, create action steps from the advice of my coaches and teammates and then finally (and this is the most important step) take action!

This is what I want to walk you through right now, so get out your pen.  Don’t bother with the piece of paper, I have created a PDF that you can print off and use – you can download it below…


So you will see that you start with an inventory or a rough map of where you are now, where you want to be and what it will take to achieve that.  Yours might look like this…

  • I am the back up goalie, I play only 25% of the games.
  • I am going to be the starting goalie (notice there is no “I want to be”, decide right now what it is going to be)
  • I need to take my preparation for games and practices more seriously so I can stop more pucks that the other guy and help our team win more games consistently.

So there you have a thumbnail sketch, now you will fill in the details with your 4 action steps.  For this player the action steps might look like this…

  1. I feel really tired most days when I get on the ice.  Probably because I stay up until 1-2am most nights watching YouTube videos.  Action Step:  I will be in bed by 10:30 five nights per week so I am rested and prepared to do my best.
  2. I need to be better at handling the puck; I often misplay it and give the other team a scoring chance.  Action Step: I will practice puck handling in my basement three evenings per week before supper for 10-minutes each time.
  3. When my legs start feeling heavy later in the game I tend to lose my focus on the puck.  If I had more strength endurance in my legs I could focus more and be more explosive later in the games.  Action Step:  I am going to work on my single leg squat strength by doing 3 sets of 6 reps on each leg on Tuesdays and Sundays when we do not typically have games.
  4. If I let a weak goal get in, I worry about getting pulled.  I need to practice leaving that behind and focusing on the present.  Action Step:  When I am getting lots of shots in practice I will only focus on the current shooter and practice ignoring the pucks that get past me.  I will create a phrase that helps me focus, something like “Focus on NOW”

I have been giving you a lot of goal setting posts lately, but this is a game-changer.  When I started this practice my business grew by about 40% – how would you like to decrease your GAA or increase your points by 40% over the next 4-12 months?  That is a no-brainer.  So please do this exercise.

On Thursday, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours….goals I mean.  Then later in the week we will get back to exercise content – I have come up with a 9-point fitness screen for hockey goalies.  If you pass this with flying colours, you are completely on the right track with your off-ice strength and conditioning.  That tells you to spend more time on technical issues.  If you flunk a couple of the tests, you will know exactly where you need to focus so your body is ready to do what it needs to do to help you be the goalie you know you can be.

Until then – happy New Year!