Gift Guide For The Goalie On Your List


Is this ever coming quickly – can’t believe Santa will be coming down the chimney in less than two weeks.  I am a little nervous though since we covered up our chimney last year – so we will probably just leave the back door open I guess.

Instead of roaring around doing last minute Christmas shopping, Paul and I decided to head up to Collingwood and get in the first ski of the season – time well spent I would say 🙂  It was a great outing – we just went for a few hours in the morning and then ran some errands, etc.  Hope you are having a great weekend so far!

Some Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Goalie On Your List…

  1. The Power Within: Discovering The Path To Elite Goaltending by Mike Valley and Justin Goldman – check it out HERE.  This is required reading for any goalie who is serious about making it to the next level. Right now, you have no idea what it really takes, just what you imagine.  This book gives you the inside look at your destination.
  2. Hockey Canada Lace Lid – you won’t see many other players wearing one of these at the rink – show your colours and set the trends in your team’s dressing room.  You can get one HERE
  3. Foam Roller or Lacrosse Ball – – you can find these at your local sports store or even big box retailer for under $20 – a lacrosse ball will only set you back about $4.  My suggestion is to get a smaller foam roll – 12-inches long for example, so your goalie can take it with them to the rink and use it for warm up and cool down before games and practices.
  4. Naturally, I am going to suggest you get an off-ice training program for the goalie nearest and dearest your heart – after all, we all know that a winning goalie is a HAPPY goalie – and no one wants to live with a miserable goalie 🙂  If the goalie you love is an up-and-comer aged 14+ then you should check out the In-Season Goalie Solution.  If the goalie on your list is one of those bad @ss beer league goalies who still wants to dominate the league, but doesn’t have the time to train like a pro, then you should check out the Rapid Response 2.0 Goalie Training system.
  5. Stickhandling Ball – this is one of the simplest things you can do to improve your game. Any decent goalie must make saves – that is your first priority, but a goalie who can competently handle the puck distinguishes him/herself from all the other ‘good’ goalies.  Spend 10-minutes per day in the basement working away on your stickhandling.  You can get one of these at most hockey stores for under $15.
  6. Your turn… feel free to add your own gift ideas – keep them under $100 please.  If you have given a gift that made the eyes on your favourite goalie light up, feel free to share it.


PS – don’t leave your shopping too late – and don’t get carried away with your budget – remember the reason for the season.