Free Training Programs, the Beer League Boot Camp Off-Season and a Career in Training – Goalie Training Q&A – 05.23.2024

May 23 2024 - Goalie Training Pro Q&A With Maria Mountain

Join Maria Mountain for this week’s Live Q&A and learn about her career in training athletes, advice for injury recovery for hockey goalies as well as her free training content on Goalie Training ProTV.  She breaks down stamina based training for the off-season and talks about her experience at the USA Hockey Goaltending Development Camp.  

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Check out the topics below:

  • 00:30: USA Hockey Goaltender Development Camp
  • 02:30: Free Content on Goalie Training ProTV
  • 04:30: Beer League BootCamp – Off-Season Schedules – Just Launched!
  • 05:15: Stamina Based Training and Running for Hockey Goalies
  • 06:15: Watching goalies in the NHL Playoffs
  • 07:45: Off-season post workout stretching
  • 08:20: Returning from fractured Acetabulum?
  • 09:30: NextGen Academy for 10-13 year hockey goalies
  • 10:10: Alignment and knee pain – Send Video For Analysis!
  • 12:10: Plantar flexion and Achilles pain & stretches for relieft
  • 15:00: Maria’s summer camp training plans
  • 16:10: Butterfly and hip internal rotation pain
  • 18:20: Ice time in the summer?
  • 17:15: Partial hamstring tear and recovery for adult goalies
  • 23:30: True Pads & fitting for Goalies
  • 24:40: Getting young goalies on the ice and having fun
  • 26:00: Maria’s career in training and finding something you love.

Curious about what you heard in the Q&A? Want to learn more about her upcoming programs? Check your email for the Beer League BootCamp – OFF-SEASON official launch discount codes, a sport specific training program for high school and college age ice hockey goaltenders. For those pre-teen and early-teen net-minders who are looking for a great place to start their off-ice training, check out the NextGen Goalie Academy. 

Appreciate you all tuning in this week.  Join Maria live Thursdays at 2pm EST on Facebook or Instagram.