Final thoughts on knee pain in hockey players

I was surprised at the amount of feedback I got on the posts showing you two exercises that would reduce your risk of knee pain.  There was one post for goalies and one post for skaters.  I was surprised because I never realized how many of you were suffering with knee pain.  So I want to give you one tip and share a resource with you really quickly.

My number one tip is this…If you have knee pain that is not getting better or it is getting worse over time, then please go see the best sport physiotherapist you can find/afford and get an assessment.  I recommend going to the sport physio (not the regular physio who might just put ice and stim on it to make it ‘feel’ better) first because we know they have the assessment skills to help figure out what is going on and how serious it is.

Some primary care doctors have developed excellent assessment skills as well, but some of them just want to make the pain go away so they give you a prescription for anti-inflammatories and tell you to rest.  And that may make it feel better, until you go out and start playing hockey again!

I also wanted to share this resource with you.  It is from my friend Rick Kaselj (and yes, he actually is my friend) and it is called Fix My Knee Pain.  He is running a promotion this week so I think you can get it for about $30.

DISCLAIMER – – I have not had a chance to look at this program yet.   Rick sent me a copy, but I have been busy working on a couple of other projects this week, so I cannot tell you first hand what is in there.  Rick and his partner on this program Mike Westerdal are straight up guys so they have the same money back guarantee that I have on all my products, so if it does not help you out, get all your money back.

So there it is…I am not telling you to buy it, I do not know what is in there.  Check it out and see if you think this is something you really need.  I am an affiliate for Rick, so I think I get about $15 if you buy it.  I am just telling you that to be completely transparent, it is not why I am telling you about Rick’s product.  I am telling you about it because I have the feeling that some of you are out there suffering with knee pain right now and this might help you get past that.