Ever Get A Snapping In Your Hip?

Three Things Hockey Players Can Do For A ‘Snapping Hip’

There actually is a ‘snapping hip’ syndrome – which, from what I can tell that just means ‘yeah, your hip snaps and we don’t know why’.

Why does it snap?

At the Mastermind meeting in January, my friend Rick Kaselj (he’s the Exercises For Injuries guy, you have met him before) and I were talking about snapping hip and he was saying that he typically can get big improvements from opening up the hips at bit with some stretching and activation.

Can’t see the video above?  Just click this link – http://youtu.be/ueKfE2U2gk0

Try these…

So here are five specific exercises you can try and see if it improves that snapping feeling in your hip…

 Can’t see the video above?  Just click this link – http://youtu.be/tmsP231iO-Q

Does it hurt?

If you have a painful snap in your hip, then I would definitely have a good sport physio give you an assessment, pain is not cool and it is not what we are talking about in this article.

Happy training!