Essential Home Gym For Hockey Players

When I get asked about buying this new cool gadget for off-ice training at home, I always ask “what do you have right now?”.

Some of you are looking to buy a TRX, Slideboard, Balance Board, Rebounder, BOSU, you name it, so you can workout at home.

Although I really like the TRX and I think the Slideboard is a great tool. They are not the first pieces I would buy to set up my home hockey training gym.

So, here is what I would buy starting with the cheapest and most bang for your buck.

1) Resistance bands

They are affordable, you can travel with them, they don’t take up much room, they can be shoved in a closet when you are having company (or your parents tell you to clean up your room). This is the FIRST piece of gear I would get for my home gym. You can get really heavy resistance bands. I love the ones that can snap on and off the same handle, so you can add or subtract to go from very light (for stabilization exercises) to very heavy.

My preference is for the ones that are coated in a nylon sheath, so if they break you will not get snapped in the arm or back by the band. Safety first.

If you live stateside, I would check out, in Canada the has some good ones – but just search around. Remember, you get what you pay for, so the very, very cheapest ones might not last as long as those that cost a little bit more.

These are the ones I use at Revolution Conditioning. I have some that have lasted 10-years in the gym.

If you are going to use resistance bands to train at home, please make sure you have a very, very solid place to attach it for things like rows, presses, chops, lifts and rotary power drills. Your shower rod is not a good option.

2) Dumbbells

Surprisingly, these can get a little expensive, but if you are serious about training at home, then you are going to need some dumbbells. You can usually find a nice set that goes from 5-30lbs at sports stores for a fairly reasonable price.

If space is an issue, consider PowerBlocks.   They are a stacked dumbbell where you move the pin to get the weight you want.  They are not cheap, but when you look at the price you would pay for comparable dumbbells, it works out about the same.

If more than one of you will be training at the same time, then PowerBlocks are not the way to go because since there is only one set of handles, only one person can use them at a time.

3) Adjustable bench (incline, flat)

This does not need to be fancy, just make sure it is sturdy. It should not wiggle. You can use the bench for flat or incline press, for step ups, single leg squats off a box, elevated plank and row, all sorts of stuff.

4) Medicine Ball (6-8lbs)

Only get a medicine ball if you have somewhere you can throw it (even if that is a brick wall outside). In the off-season you will use it for your speed and stamina training and developing rotary power.

Do not go out and buy the heaviest one you can find. The key to med ball work is generating speed and power, not strength.

So THAT is what I would start with.

Then I would add in a Stability Ball (might even do that before the adjustable bench, it really depends).

Then I would think about a power rack and barbell set if you have the space.

Then I would consider a TRX, if you really like the idea of the TRX and if you have a very solid spot to attach it.

Then I would start shopping for a slideboard.

Then…you will need to shop for a bigger HOUSE for all your gym equipment 😉

Have a great rest of the day!

PS – catch you later in the week to tell you about a 3 year goal that I just missed hitting this week 🙁