EOTW: Transitional Speed Drill For Goalies

Speed Drill for Goalies: Pass– Shuffle – Accelerate

Most of you know that speed is just a measure of how fast you can go, it does not account for agility.

So a drag racer is fast, a Formula One racer is agile.

I asked you if you wanted a strength or speed exercise this week and whether you wanted it for goalies or skaters.  In hindsight most speed drills that help a goalie will help a skater as well and I think that is the case with this one.

I am also going to push it a little bit by making it a speed drill out of transition – so maybe a goalie making a save then hustling to the bench for an extra attacker at the end of the game or on a delayed penalty.  An extra second or two can make a big difference and that is why this off-ice goalie drill was included in this month’s Goalie Workout Club workout.

The Drill…

If you cannot see the video above, simply click on this link

The video shows you exactly how to do it, but you will start with a med ball squat and pass followed immediately by a lateral shuffle, staying low in your legs and straight into a forward sprint over 15-20 meters.  If you do not have a medicine ball then just do a squat jump into the lateral shuffle.

Walk back for rest.

Try to keep your legs turning throughout the drill; eliminate hesitation in the transition from one move to the next.

Do 3 sets of 3 repetitions each way as a part of your speed or power training day.

That’s all I have for you today – make it a great one!