EOTW: Reverse X-Over Lunge

I use this hockey strength exercise for goalies and skaters – it is a great Reverse Lunge variation because it puts a nice stretch and load on the posterior lateral hip muscles. Those are the ones you use in cooperation with your quads when you are skating.

Let me show you what it looks like and how to do it first and then I will fill in some gaps…

The subtle thing you want to pay attention to is the position of your pelvis – keep it level. So if you step back with your right leg, do not let your pelvis (or your belt line) tilt toward the right.

This would be a compensation pattern either due to poor mobility or poor stability in the hip. So watch yourself in the mirror and only go as far down as you can without tilting your hips.

During the season do 3 sets of 6 reps on each side. Typically to start, you will control your descent (about 3 seconds down), but drive out of the bottom position, up to a tall single leg balanced finish position. Don’t forget to squeeze your bum cheeks together at when you are in that tall finish position.

When you want to increase the stability demand on the hip (for example during the movement phase), put you front foot on a Airex pad.

Happy training!


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