EOTW: Read & React Drill You Can Do Anywhere [GOALIES]

Today I have an awesome off-ice goalie drill that includes an element of read and react.  So basically it gets your brain processing more information than just the movement itself.  In a game you cannot just focus on the execution of your movements (that would make things a lot easier wouldn’t it?), in a game you need to process loads of information before each and every push or slide.

You will need a deck of cards

If you have been a member of the Goalie Workout Club then you know that read and react drills are a part of the system, but up until now, you needed a partner to do them.  Someone who could create your random pattern of movement.  When I was adding those drills to the program I always wondered, what if this goalie is training by themselves in the basement at home and cannot do these read and react drills because they don’t have anyone to help out?  Very sad, I know.

But, I put on my thinking cap and this is what I came up with – check out the video below to see exactly what I mean.

If you cannot see the video in the player above, simply click on this link:

How many? How much?

This is a speed and agility drill so the duration and volume will be quite low.  Complete the drill for short bursts of 10 seconds or less.  Give yourself at least 50-seconds of rest between each repetition (a perfect time to work on your juggling by the way) and do up to 10 repetitions.  This is a great off-ice goalie drill to work on your agility, but don’t do it more than twice per week.  Give your brain time to rest 🙂

Enjoy! Cheers,

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