EOTW: Leg Burner + Core Stabilizer

EOTW: Leg Burner + Core Stabilizer

This is one of those off-ice hockey exercises that has a lot of benefit for goalies, forwards and defensemen. It builds stamina in your legs, so you can stay low in your stance or skating position AND it develops the integrated stability right from your ankles up to your torso and shoulders.

Here’s what it looks like…

IMPORTANT – this exercise is not meant to be exceptionally heavy – you will not be trying to do the whole stack on this one (or the heaviest resistance band you can find). Use a medium resistance, where you can feel that your muscles are contracting to stabilize, but you are not straining to maintain form.

If you want to add some more challenge, that take a low staggered stance with both knees bent or to make this a more goalie specific off-ice exercise, you can use the wide stance version.

It will be this position, but instead of a hold, you will do the press like you saw in the video above.



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