EOTW: Lateral Push To T-Push (Super Bowl Edition)

I am not what you could call a football fan.  I love watching my hometown Western Mustangs play CIS football every fall and I am a fan of Peyton Manning, but I do not follow football…thank goodness.  If I did follow football, I surely would have been cheering for the Broncos because I am a big fan of Peyton Manning.  Boy!  Would I have been sour today.  As it was, I got to eat nachos which I rarely do so that is a bonus and then give my head a little shake around 8:45pm and head off to bed. To those of you who actually follow the game AND cheer for Denver – – my condolences.  For those of you cheering for Seattle – wooooooooooooo!  And for those of you like me…What was Joe Namath wearing (Zsa Zsa Gabour called, she wants her coat back) and how about that Bruno Mars/Chili Peppers show? The highlight of my weekend was getting up to Collingwood for some snowboarding, skiing and more skiing – – it was awesome!

EOTW: Lateral Push To T-Push

In this goalie specific off-ice exercise, it is not that I am trying to work on your t-push per se, it is more the rotation of your hip that I want to work on.   When you do a t-push you need to externally rotate your hips or ‘open up’ your hips to move laterally. This will change the length of your lateral hip rotators and anytime you change the length of a muscle you change the tension in that muscle.  So this is not a completely different move, but a slight variation on your regular old lateral hop drill.

If you cannot see the video in the player – no worries, just click this link: http://youtu.be/Gt2lWnYC9Z8

Technical keys:

  • Remember to stay in your low ready position through out the drill
  • Externally rotate the lead leg in preparation for the push, do not be lazy with it and let it start out neutral and then rotate outward just before finishing the move.
  • Think about where your hands, shoulders and eyes should be – what would your goalie coach say?
  • Try to initiate the push without rocking onto the pushing leg – in other words stay low and push right from that low position.

How much? How many?

We are working on power with this drill mostly, so start with 3 sets of 4 each way. Add this goalie specific exercise to your off-ice hockey training 1-2 times per week.  I love the simplicity of it and the fact that it does not require any equipment. Happy training! M

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