EOTW: Lateral Agility Drill For Goalies

I have a new Exercise Of The Week  – a great little lateral agility drill for goalies that uses an asymmetrical pattern and no specialized equipment.  But first, how was the weekend?  Ours was SNOWY!  It was awesome!

It started with some squalls on Saturday with a few inches of accumulation, then in the morning we had a good dose – probably 8-10″.  It was snowing steadily in the morning and it snowed, and snowed, and snowed…until about 2pm.  The picture shows what my car looked like after only 4-hours in the gym – you can also see by the parking lot that there were not a lot of folks out and about!

I loved it!  Hope we get another dump today (not in the forecast unfortunately).  Anyway, enough weather talk, here is your EOTW.

EOTW: Hurdle Step Over + Power Back

The thing I love about the Hurdle Step Over + Power Back as an agility drill for goalies is the contrast in movement patterns, in other words it is not a symmetrical pattern.  Moving one way the emphasis is on tempo and moving the other way it is an exercise in pure power.

Many agility patterns are symmetrical which is fine too, but as you know, the game does not work that way – those shooters are always trying to fire the puck where you are not.  Annoying isn’t it? 🙂

Here’s How To Do It:

Can’t watch the video in the player above?  No worries, just click the link below…

Key Points:

  • You do not need micro hurdles to do this drill – you can use two pieces of tap, make some micro hurdles out of cardboard folded into a triangle, use two shoes – anything that you are not going to trip on.
  • Stay low in the legs through out the drill – do not let your head bob up and down.  This keeps your legs loaded so you are ready for that big explosive push, rather than needing to drop down before driving.
  • Remember – it is quick one way and power the other way.
  • You will have to repeat the drill in each direction.
  • Keep your ankle in a 90 degree flexed position as you travel over the hurdles and hop back – this is more stable position for the ankle compared to pointing your toes.

How Many?  How Often?

  • Do 2-3 sets of 3 reps each way to work on your speed and power.
  • Rest for at least 60-seconds between sets – you can work on stick handling, juggling, do a core exercise, etc.
  • Work on this drill twice per week.

Happy training!

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