EOTW: Knee Recovery Angle Push For Hockey Goalie Agility

hockey goalie agility training

Quick one for you today – it is a nice goalie agility drill.

I think sometimes we get tunnel vision with our agility training and work a bit too much in the frontal plane forgetting to work those angles from the post to the top of your crease and vice versa.  So this is a super simple one that works just that and you can do it anywhere!

Here’s how to do it…

How many?

Remember the focus here is speed and agility in the crease, we don’t really use it as a stamina drill on its own, so start with 3-4 reps in each direction and then take 50-60s of active rest (core, mobility, hand-eye work).

Happy training!

PS – please don’t email me to critique my glove and blocker position – I am clearly not a goaltending coach, in fact I am the third worst goalie in the world (last year I was the second worst, so I am getting better :))

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