EOTW: Knee Down Shimmy (goalies)

Every goalie needs to be agile.  Agreed?

How do you train your agility (if at all)?

Probably from a standing position right?  Using the Agility Ladder, Micro Hurdles, Mini Cones, etc.

But you also need agility from your knees and THAT is exactly what I have for you today in this brand new goalie training video…

Please be sure to wear your knee pads when you do this otherwise it will not feel good at all.  Start easy – it is different, your stride will be shorter than when you are standing.  Pay attention to what your torso is doing – are your shoulders staying level, are you staying tall in your torso?

Keep the volume low – start with four reps of about 2-3 shuffles in each direction.

Hope you like that new exercise and add it to your goalie agility training.


PS – If you are a member of the Goalie Workout Club – you definitely want to stay on that program for the next month at least…there is a big change coming and you guys will be at the front of the line to cash in 🙂  That’s all I can say right now ?