EOTW: How To Add Resistance To Goalie Agility Drill

EOTW: How To Properly Add Resistance To the V-Drill

If you missed the post earlier this week on the proper (and improper use of resistance in speed and agility training), make sure you check it out here first, so this post will make more sense to you.

For short duration, tight quarters agility training, we use resistance to put a little more force into either the deceleration, acceleration or the deceleration/acceleration element of the drill (what is called the Stretch-Shortening Cycle in the biz).

The load should not be so great that it changes the goalies’ mechanics when doing the drill.  If they need to twist and torsion their body to execute the drill, the resistance is too great.  The movement quality and speed should be exactly the same as when they do it without the resistance.

Elastic resistance is nice for this particular drill because it overloads the eccentric portion of the drill, so it can be used to accentuate the deceleration element which is key to quickly getting into your set position for a save and ready for the next movement, but it is also a key element to reducing the risk of knee and hip injuries.

You will see in the video below how we use it to emphasize the deceleration….

If you cannot see the video above, click the link below…

Once the deceleration portion of this drill is perfect, then we add in the acceleration element by quickly absorbing and exploding.  This will improve that quick impulse push that let’s you arrive where the puck is going to be ready to make the save.

Remember, the balance and movement needs to stay efficient, you should not be battling the resistance and you should not be shortening up your hip, knee and ankle flexion for the sake of appearing quicker – – I will show you exactly what I mean in the video.

If you cannot see the video above, just click the link below

That’s it, that’s all – over and out!

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