EOTW Hips That Won’t Quit – live from Vegas!

Well, the Mastermind Group meeting has come and gone – it was a great meeting and I left with two big goals and 7 action steps to get me started, so I am keen to dive in and get to work.  I was great to see Bedros Keuilian, Craig Ballantyne and of course my friend Rick Kaselj – we shot a video and I have a hilarious picture of him drinking a crazy looking cocktail at the group dinner.  I will share those when I get home.

Paul and I have stayed on for a couple days of vacation – heading home tomorrow.  Our idea of Vegas is a little different from some people.  You know how I cannot stay up late (I find it physically painful) and I like to get up early.  So….the night club scene is wasted on us.

But we have done two awesome hikes – one in Red Rock Canyon and one in the Spring Mountains climbing the second highest peak in Southern Nevada (Mummy Mountain).  The second one took us to over 11,000 feet and wow was I sucking wind – it included gaining 600ft of vertical by scrambling up a scree slope – exhausting.  But the way down was pretty fast and we could jog most of the 4-mile descent, so that was fun.

It doesn’t even look like it could be Vegas does it?  What an awesome day!

Hips That Won’t Quit

Here is a way to train your hips that you have never tried before.  You have probably done something similar in the past, but I can tell you that this method doesn’t just look different, it actually uses your muscles in a completely different way, a way that will help you more on the ice – I explain it all in the video.  This circuit is suitable for both GOALIES and SKATERS.

For those of you who view these posts on your mobile device,
just click on this link – http://youtu.be/Zlzgug83wSI

How many sets and reps?

This circuit will be a supplement exercise, so not one of you heavy load ‘big bang’ exercises.  You will use a lighter weight – like 5-15lbs.

Do 2-3 sets (I would suggest starting with only 2) of 6 reps of each movement on each leg.

Happy training gang, hope you have had the chance to catch some of the NHL exhibition games.  We are going to try and find a place to watch some tonight here in Vegas (thinking the Sports Zone at NYNY).