EOTW: Half Kneeling Lift

Half Kneeling Lift for Hockey Training

You need to change your concept of “core training” if you are going to take your hockey off-season training to the next level this year.

If I had a dollar for every goalie or skater who emailed me to ask why my downloadable off-ice training programs didn’t have much “core training”, I would easily have tens of dollars 😉

It’s not that my programs are light on core training, in fact they are quite heavy on core training, it is worked into almost everything we do – single leg squats, standing cable press, bear position rows, etc., it is just that you don’t recognize them as such.

This is another one that is perfect for hockey players because it integrates hip and core stability with upper body force application like when you are sealing your post and making a stick save or when you are battling along the boards trying to move your opponent off the puck (you know the guy who puts his skate right on it).

Make sure you stay tall in your torso, do not lean away from the cable (you can use a resistance band as well). When you do this one, resist the temptation to rotate your shoulders and upper torso – I would like you to keep your torso square please.

Here’s exactly how to do it…

If you cannot see the video above, just click the link below…

Give it a try and pay attention to how you feel your glute on the inside leg working hard with your torso and the hip flexor on your outside leg. There is a lot going on isn’t there? Almost like when you are on the ice right?

Start with 3 sets of 8 each way.


PS – what do you think about the Kessel trade – looks like a pretty good deal for everyone to me – would love to hear from some Pittsburgh fans about it – leave a comment below – give me your 2 cents.