EOTW: Core+Hips (harder than it looks)

New Core Exercise For Hockey

They say necessity is the father (or mother) of invention and that was the case when I was in Nova Scotia a few weeks ago presenting at their Spring Sports Conference.  I was staying a nice Best Western that had a fairly decent sized workout area with dumbbells, a bench, some bikes and a multi-station trainer, but no cable column or anything like that.  Naturally, they are in the accommodation business, not the gym business.

So, I couldn’t do my regular workout, but I did some rear foot elevated split squats, plank position rows, incline single arm DB press, knees together glute bridges – – all with Seinfeld on the TV in the back ground.

When I got to my torso training option, I just didn’t feel like going for the obvious prone plank, instead I MacGyver’d (if you know what that means  you are probably over 40 like me) this core stabilization exercise that challenges that stability while working your hip through a circular mobility pattern a la the functional range conditioning stuff I have shared with you in the past.  This one will make a great addition to your repertoire of core exercises for hockey.

I shot it on my iPhone so it is not HD, but you will get the idea.

If you cannot see the video above, just click here

Remember, your torso should not wiggle at all – if it does then you are not getting the stabilization benefits.  Keep your non-stabilizing knee as bent as possible throughout the exercise and start with three revolutions in each direction on each leg (build up to eight each way) – remember to go slowly.

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