EOTW: Core Exercise For Hockey

Today I have a simple core exercise for hockey players.  You may have done it before and like me you may have forgotten about it for a while, but it is time to revisit this one.

How did your weekend go by-the-way?  My goal was to finish my Christmas shopping and NOT buy anything for myself while I was at it.  I managed to do both.  Here is a tip that helped me out – I took stock of what I had already bought before heading out shopping.  I tallied up what I had spent and compared that to my budget to discover that I was pretty much there, save for a few stocking-stuffers.

At one point I found myself with getting ready to buy some socks and a tie for Paul – which would put me over budget and probably not be the most exciting gifts ever for him (he NEVER wears a tie), so back they went and I stayed true to budget.  Okay, now on to hockey training.

EOTW: Simple And Effective Core Exercise For Hockey Players

Sometimes we make things more complicated than they have to be and sometimes we forget about the straight forward exercises that are really, really effective.  So that is what I have for you today.

It is the Stability Ball Stir The Pot

About 10-years ago, we wanted to use the stability ball for just about everything, then they became a little passé as we moved more to cable column training for stability.  I was guilty of forgetting about this staple core training exercise for hockey players.

The thing I love about it is the fact that it can be modified for any ability.  It is a dynamic core stabilization exercise – challenging the anterior core muscles from different angles.

Core exercise for hockey (VIDEO)…

If you cannot see the video in the player above, simply click this link…

Technique Points…

  • Take a good strong plank position with your forearms on the Stability Ball (if they are sweaty, give them a good toweling off first or you will slip).  Do not let your butt stick way up in the air.
  • Start by tracing small circles with your forearms (almost like you are drawing circles with your elbows).  Make sure you go each way, clockwise and counter clockwise.
  • Your hips and torso should not be moving as you trace the circles, only your arms should be moving.
  • As the exercise gets easier, make bigger circles.
  • If the exercise is too difficult, then try going from your knees.
  • When the exercise gets way, way too easy, you can put your feet up on a box or bench – AGAIN, make sure your forearms are not sweaty, your arms will slip and you will bounce your face off the ball and maybe kill yourself.

How Many?

Start with 5 each way – the tempo is slow (about 3 seconds per circle).  Over time build up to 10 each way.

Happy Monday!  Happy Hockey Training!


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Click the image above.