EOTW: Core Exercise (10x harder than it looks)

View of Petco Field from my hotel room. Fireworks after the Padres game.

View of Petco Field from my hotel room. Fireworks after the Padres game.

Home from San Diego and back to the grind in the gym.  In case you were wondering I did have two screaming children directly behind me on the flight home (plus a Dad that kept bumping and pulling the back of my seat).  I think my parents had the right idea, they did not take us on a plane until I was 12!

Before I give you the core exercise that is 10-times harder than it looks, I want to give a shout out to my new friend Jeremy who emailed me when he saw that I was going to be in SD to see if I would be willing to spend a little time with him to talk about being a sport conditioning coach.  He was really nice and respectful in his email and I could tell it was something he was really serious about, so I agreed to spend some time with him.

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We met up at the Starbucks near my hotel where I went to do a few hours of work each morning before the meeting.  When Jeremy arrived, I asked him how long it took him to get to San Diego from where he lived – – – TWO HOURS.  Wow – now that is a guy who is serious about achieving his goal of becoming the go-to hockey trainer in his area.

We laid out some action steps, he is prepared to grind it out for the next few years to build up his expertise and I have a great feeling about his future.

The TOUGH Core Exercise For Hockey Players

A few weeks ago I posted a core and hip exercise that was harder than it looked, well there is a theme here because this one is about 10-times harder than it looks, in fact most of you that can hold a very strong side plank will fail miserably at this exercise once you lift that leg.

If you cannot see the video in the player above, just click this link

Don’t be discouraged when you crumple onto the floor, you have just exposed a weakness – this is a good thing because we can always make it stronger.  Here’s how to get up to speed with it…

  • Bend your bottom knee to 90 degrees and side plank of the knee with your top leg straight
  • Now lift your top leg and you are good to go.
  • Start with 5×5 second holds and build up to 5x10s holds – then you will be ready to move on to the advanced version in the video and start back at 5×5 seconds.

Avoid the common mistake of trying to lift your top leg too high; it should just be parallel to the floor.

All the best – M

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